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Digital Transformation is no longer a process that businesses can plan for. It is now an integral part of the operational dynamic. It is also rapidly increasing the pace at which change occurs. Businesses have to react and respond to market demands with ever-increasing agility if they want to not just retain their position but increase market share. The pace of this transformation is not driven by businesses, but by customer demand.

Today customers expect to remain connected to suppliers throughout their journey. This goes beyond the traditional boundaries of CRM. CRM is no longer the domain of Sales and Marketing. It involves every vertical of the business – customers want to interact with those who are hands-onat their suppliers, not just with a relationship manager who is now thought to form an obstacle toeffective one-on-one communications.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the most effective way to integrate the various verticals of a business into a cohesive whole that can interact with customers the way they expect and in the timeframe they demand. Dynamics 365 is a platform that enables a business to function and present itself as an integrated and responsive entity to not just customers but to internal stakeholders too.

Dynamics 365 has been designed keeping ease of use in mind. However, that often results in users finding immediate benefitswhen application usage starts and then resting on these improvements. Dynamic 365 has the capability of changing the way a business functions, not just in the market, but internally as well.

Cloudsight Technologies – Dynamics 365 Experts

We are aconsulting organization with a deep understanding of Dynamics 365 and its capabilities. Our Dynamics 365 consultants have a deep and detailed knowledge of the functioning of a wide range of industries, garnered over many years of highly diversified support to our clients' digital transformation efforts. Coupled with our expertise in the functioning and use of Dynamics 365, we can provide businesses with the support that they need to go beyond the surface benefits of the application and use it to truly change the way they interact with customers.

Our consultancy services include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital Transformation Assessment
  • Customer/Channel Strategy Planning
  • Customer Experience Management Planning and Implementation
  • Customer Insight Implementation
  • Customer Intelligence Planning and Implementation
  • Customer Services Transformation Support
  • Field Service Strategy Planning and Transformation Support
  • CRM Migration and CRM Revamp

Cloudsight’s solutions are seamless and ensure smooth end-to-end digital transformation.

Cloudsight and Dynamics 365

Our track record in enabling our clients to transform their CRM efficiency and scope throughthe integration of Dynamics 365 speaks for itself.

Dynamics 365 is essential for the CRM transformation that your customers expect from you. Cloudsight’s expertise is imperative to maximizing the benefits to the organization.

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