VClinique - CloudSight Technologies Virtual Clinic is the integration of telemedicine in care delivery to act as a substitute for remote care using strategic approach based on the needs of the patients served.

The key challenges faced by doctors and patients Fragmented Data: - Everytime a patient visits a healthcare facility, the clinic or hospitals record essential patient history information. Research has shown that 60% (sixty percent) of patients report that the same repetitive process occurs each time a patient visits a different doctor, clinic, or hospital. Care Providers do not have access to the unified health record of patient to deliver seamless service.

We assist our clients with integration and interoperability challenges by driving data interconnectivity across systems creating an health information exchange.

About CloudSight

About CloudSight

Virtual Clinic Platform

CloudSight will provide an app and a portal as part of its platform that will allow doctors and patients to access unified care record.

CloudSight's app with built-in translation facilities to help non-english speaking patients to connect with doctors and gain access to accurate and culturally competent care.

CloudSight's EHR/EMR serves the unified health record for doctors, patients and healthcare systems.

From virtual assistants to personalized treatments, CloudSight is well aware of the high importance of AI in health care.

CloudSight's virtual clinic platform VClinique is built-in with AI-Powered translation technology to increase care accessibility for Non-English speaking patients.

VClinique also helps doctors connect with more patients and see more patients as VClinique saves the doctor's time waiting for an interpreter.