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Today, organizations are looking for a solution that is easy to use and less costly. Many healthcare organizations believe FHIR® – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (hl7.org/fhir) is the standard that we need to accelerate interoperable health records.

Much of the enthusiasm surrounding FHIR is due to its architecture.

FHIR is an attractive solution because it is based on modern web services that are widely used, builds on existing HL7 and CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) standards, and focuses on simplifying implementation and usability.

Currently, clinical data exchange is based on C-CDA or Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture.

Create discovery
and development

Create dynamic research platforms and uncover actionable intelligence with data standardized on FHIR and advanced AI and machine learning tools that work across diverse data sets.

Augment clinical

Collect and analyze data from multiple modalities, including patient-reported outcomes from mobile apps and real-time biometrics from IoT wearables. Optimize your healthcare manufacturing and supply chain with machine learning and business intelligence, and highly secure IoT technology in Azure. Take advantage of Microsoft’s scale and experience in running exabyte-scale workloads using Microsoft Genomics on Azure.

Support your most
demanding sequencing needs

Take advantage of Microsoft’s scale and experience in running exabyte-scale workloads using Microsoft Genomics on Azure.

FHIR - Provider

Fetching the patient information and populating the data in the EMR system. This includes patient admit/discharge information with payer and sending alerts to the provider. This way we can provider keep an eye on patient care to improve care coordination and reduce risk of value-based reimbursement.

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FHIR – Payer/Provider

Modernize the claim processing process to use emerging standards. Achieve format independence and reduce the cost to connect partners. FHIR resource that contains information about population and quality value for a given provider against the population. This allows for alternative payment methods, driven not by the volume of care, but by the quality of care.

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FHIR – Payer

Structured Data Capture – Prior authorizations and eligibility requests via FHIR API Services. Use the CloudSight FHIR to power data exchange across platforms, including mobile devices. Simplify the administrative process for providers and patients. Reduce the time to obtain approval.

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