SpinOut is a new and innovative video-chatting app developed by CloudSight Technologies & SpinOut Communications. In SpinOut you will be able to create your own virtual private room, invite friends and enjoy a private virtual world. Only people in that room can see and hear you.

To add a bit of fun, you can join a 'map room' where uploaded images serve as the background for you, imagined as a robot with your video as its head and can move freely around the screen. Uniquely, as you move further away from your co-robots, your voice fades to the point where two or more people can have a private conversation. Imagine the possibilities!!

SpinOut Features

Public Rooms
Create Public Rooms
Public rooms can be created which any registered user can join.
Private Rooms
Create Private Rooms
Private rooms can be created with virtual backgrounds and invited user can only join.
Virtual Backgrounds
Virtual Backgrounds
It will be visible in Map room and user will be able to move in the room.
Public & Private Chats
Public & Private Chat feature is available when a user is in a room.
Filters can be applied to the videos.
Screen Sharing
Screen Sharing
The Screen Sharing feature is available when a user is in a room.


  • Q. Why am I not able to login post registration ?
    A. You will be able to login once you complete the email verification process.

  • Q. How to add/invite a friend ?
    A. You can search the friend in the list, if you can't find it in the list, you can ask your friend to register or even you can create a private room and copy the room link and share the same to your friend by clicking the link he will be asked to register.